Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beautiful Faces

This is one of the other clubs I am also helping with. These precious kids are so hungry for love and JESUS.

We need you!

I was overwhelmed again today of the need for CEF volunteers. I have 6 children who wanted to talk about their need for salvation, all with deep issues and questions. And there was only me to help. We were short again today, and we need more help.
The Word is more powerful than me, so I know what I was able to share will begin working in their hearts. But I hope you are praying with me about our need. It is a good need, but one that needs to be met.
Will it be you?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Believe in God

After weeks of prayer and teaching my little girl, who at the beginning of the year could not believe that "she" (God) was real...she accepted Christ on Wednesday. She tapped me on the shoulder and told me she was ready to believe in God. We prayed together and she accepted Christ as her Savior. When we were done, she said she still had a lot of questions, but she knew she was going to heaven.

Don't we all have a lot of questions? But how amazing is God to still give her the gift of Faith.