Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Girls Keep on growing....

 Disney Live with the Girls
 Camping with the Family

 Elizabeth finished K5 at CLA

 Mother's Day with these amazing kids...

I've been gone a while. For a lot of reasons. But life did go on.

 Celebrating our 10th Anniversary with Friedns in Orlando

 The Great Easter Party at the Demme Home

 An unforgetable trip to the beach with friends

 An unforgetable dress....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

God has been good to all things.

Someone is taking "nastics"...and she's potty trained!

Spring Reveal and Fun Friends

Thirty-One Gifts did something new this year and held a spring catalog reveal at local theatres across America. We had such a rip roaring time!

Friends for Life

WE just could nto get our kids together for Christmas. So Gina and I met in Bainbridge (I got the good end of that deal), ate at McDonalds and just had our Christmas together!

It's a new year.....

Fun with some great friends, ready to start this year off right...welcome 2012!

Christmas Day

I love this look on Anna's face as she sees the gifts on Christmas morning. It was a fun lazy morning and I enjoyed every minute of it. Ending the day with the whole family for dinner and more gifts. Reading the word and remembering the reason we give gifts...

Christmas Eve

What a fun Christmas Eve we had at our church. We had friends and family with us. Enjoying a candlelight service and then food over at Aunt Nutty's house with the whole family. This season is my favorite time of year and this year was just really, really nice....

Disney and Thirty-One

So with the blessing that God has given me through Thirty-One Gifts we were able to take a fun vacation to Disney with the Dream Rewards that I earned as a consultant. It was so awesome getting that blessing and sharing it with my family. The girls had an amazing time! I have always wanted to go at Christmas!