Sunday, August 30, 2009

New Toy

Still Praying for Joshua

I wanted you all to know that we are still praying for Joshua. I got an e-mail from his mom tonight, and it was encouraging. They still need our prayers. Here is what she said:

Joshua is doing great! He's keeping me on my toes these days...Praise the LORD! He had a good check up with his surgeon in OH this past Wednesday. Starting next week, hHe goes back for chemo Monday-Friday and then the following Monday. We sure could use everyone's prayers for God's continued provision through these next several months. Money is really tight and bills are piling up. God has always went over and beyond in making sure we have the necessities. We praise him for all he's done and it going to do in and through this whole ordeal with Joshua. He's such a little soldier! I've been having some computer issues is why I haven't been posting so many updates and am working on a project...a cancer surviving scrapbook of sorts for Joshua. A lot of people have been wondering if I've fell off the face of the planet or what but I've just have had my attention turned elsewhere. It's definately been great to pick up Joshua's toys again and run after him as we did many months ago. I really missed it and don't fuss at him for leaving his toys about as I did before his cancer diagnosis. It really puts perspective on life in general and I'm greatful for each and every day the LORD gives me breath to praise His name for bringing us through so many hurdles with Joshua's cancer fight. We have a long straight away ahead but God is equiping us to every good work. Please pray that His hand will continue it's provision in these lean days.....

Keep Praying!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Redeemer

I want you to do me a favor, go to this blog
and go to the bottom, pause the music, then read the story below the video before you play it. It was so inspiring. Then leave my sweet Blog friend and Grandmother in Christ a message. It will really bless her to know that you saw it.

You WILL be blessed.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fall Market in Tallahassee, Pass it on!

CEF Fall Christmas Market

Vendors Needed!
(Except for Jewelry and Personalizing Vendors, these categories are full)

When: November 7, 2009
Time: 9 AM – 3 PM
Where: Thomasville Road Baptist Church (next to Dorothy B Oven)
Cost: $30 + a Product donation (for prize giveaways)

(You must provide your own pop up tent and display tables but with a maximum of two vendors under each tent)

Contact Tammy at to find out more

Our Blog Spot!
In Support of Child Evangelism Fellowship of the Big Bend

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Birthdays.....

We celebrated the girls birthday's with my whole family. It was great to see Sydney and Anna dig into their cakes together.
My family is so great. They really spoiled the girls.
Yes, it was a mess!
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Loveless Cafe

Posted by PicasaThis was our fun date night at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville, featured on the Food Network. We ate way too much!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Prayer for our family!

Friends and family,
On a day like today, waiting to hear from another friend who at this moment is in surgery to remove multiple tumors, more news has come about a family member. Today I remember that I do serve an awesome God.
Our family ask your prayers for Brian's Aunt, Ann Pulsifer. Here is a message we received today... I will do all I can to keep you updated, but we ask you to go to the Throne with us.

We want to say thank you to all who have sent us notes of encouragement.
According to the doctors Ann has stage 4 lung cancer. There are several tumors
in different parts of her body including her brain. The normal life expectancy for some one in her condition is one year. We are believing God for a miracle. She should begin radiation on Friday. Chemo therapy will probably start 2 weeks later. We'll keep you updated as much as we can. Please keep our family in your prayers. Thanks so much.
Henry & Ann Pulsifer

Joyful Blog Hopping

My sisters and I are spread out across a few states. So getting together takes a lot of planning. This past week we got together in TN and for one of the evening our parents kept the kids and let us have a date night. We laughed and laughed and at way too much at the Loveless Cafe in Nashville. (Featured on Throw Down on the Food Network- great Southern Food!) I love times like these.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good fun with Grammy and Papa

Our Trip Part 2

Elizabeth had a great time with her Grammy and Papa. These times are so special and way too far apat.
My sister Julie and her hubby arrived on August 17- her birthday- and we ate at Red Robin in Nashville. Love that place!
Good time and memories with my sister and her family, with my parents and a lot of good laughs.
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friends and Family Time

This first picture is of my friends and I at Pebble Hills Plantation. It was a hot day but we had a lo of fun.
Here we are on our way to my sister Amy's house last week. Anna found a way to entertain herself by sucking on her feet...that's my girl!
My parents don't know what to do not getting to see their grandkids enough. They spent a lot of time just playing and enjoying time with Elizabeth and Anna.
Posted by PicasaAnna is really enjoying mom's new dog. She kept trying to "snuggle" (with her mouth) every time he came near her.
I will post new photos tomorrow. There are a ton!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Joshua's Update

I spoke with mama Nadene yesterday. Considering what Joshua has gone through, she said he is doing incredible. His hair is starting to show some regrowth and he has a few eyelashes back! Nadene is so trusting in God and I hope you are continuing to pray with us.

Here is a little of Nadene's last update:

We give Jehovah Rapha the praise for all Joshua's healing and guiding the doctors and nurses to help improve Joshua's way of life again. I continue to meet more and more people that I testify and witness of God's goodness to us and they add Joshua to their prayer chains. Please, if you know of a prayer chain, please add Joshua's name. This new chemo therapy is cutting edge and Joshua is a test patient in their study. Only God knows how this will play out. I pray that I will continue to hold to the faith I have in my God and everything else just will take care of itself. I want to be a witness but I want to remind everyone that I am first and foremost human and secondly a Christian. I'm working hard to allow God to use me as his instrument on this earth, especially during this battle for Joshua's life. Please remember to pray for Tim and I to have the strength and wisdom each and every second of everyday so we may care to the nth degree for Joshua. Don't forget that we love y'all but God loves y'all more!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contest Winner

My winner this week was Jenny from TX! Can't wait to hear from her! Make sure you look out for the next contest!

Elizabeth's First Hair Cut

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Come sit down and join her

Don't you just want to take a seat beside her and relax for a while?
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hope to Haiti

If I could be a part of every ministry in the world, that reached out to children, I think I would. But I know that is not possible. When I do find one that touches my heart, I have to pass it on, even if just one person can respond to it, it's worth it. Scott Bonnell of Most High Ministries provides insight into the needs and our Hope to Haiti project. For more information visit:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog Hop Contest

Here is where you go to enter the contest!

MOPS Retreat at St. Theresa Beach...way too much fun to call work!

At the Beach! Good to see old friends....

Anna's Birthday Party- August 6

Anna's birthday is not actually until this week. But to make sure we had our friends, Gina and her boys with us, we celebrated a little early. We all had a great time. Thank you so much for all the school supplies, our benefiting teaching was so excited!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Hop Giveaway!

From your Founding consultant, Tammy Pulsifer, and a wonderful Faith based company- I am giving away a very cute set of personalized coasters. You can see the full line at JUST VISIT MY LINK AND THEN LEAVE ME A COMMENT (back here on my blog) AND TELL ME WHAT YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT IS. THAT IS ALL! I will pick one winner on August 14. The contest will close at midnight on August 13. I will be picking one winner randomly!

Scroll down to see the other contest!

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MckLinky Blog Hop

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Join the Journey

What a joy.... join this journey....

Our Friend From Africa

This is our friend Stripes.... We are so happy to have him join us in our home. He traveled a long way from our friend Terrill and Amber. They are missionaries and we miss them very much. Recently a pastor from our church and some faithful servants went to go visit with them and "Stripes" came back with them!

Stripes has a home now on the shelf with Stan, our horse from Tajikistan, brought to us from another missionary friend. So thank you friends for making our home so international!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Hop and Encourage

I am encouraged to know that my daughter is being brought up in a home that loves the Savior. That she has a daddy that loves the Savior and loves teaching her about the Savior. I am so blessed and encouaged by the God that our Family serves.

MckLinky Blog Hop

100 years! Grandma Hester (1909-2009) Need I say more?

Playdate-Photos by Mesa!

I love these photos. I love my friend Mesa. It was a hot day but a nice day. (made me miss you Gina)