Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Praying for Joshua

I wanted you all to know that we are still praying for Joshua. I got an e-mail from his mom tonight, and it was encouraging. They still need our prayers. Here is what she said:

Joshua is doing great! He's keeping me on my toes these days...Praise the LORD! He had a good check up with his surgeon in OH this past Wednesday. Starting next week, hHe goes back for chemo Monday-Friday and then the following Monday. We sure could use everyone's prayers for God's continued provision through these next several months. Money is really tight and bills are piling up. God has always went over and beyond in making sure we have the necessities. We praise him for all he's done and it going to do in and through this whole ordeal with Joshua. He's such a little soldier! I've been having some computer issues is why I haven't been posting so many updates and am working on a project...a cancer surviving scrapbook of sorts for Joshua. A lot of people have been wondering if I've fell off the face of the planet or what but I've just have had my attention turned elsewhere. It's definately been great to pick up Joshua's toys again and run after him as we did many months ago. I really missed it and don't fuss at him for leaving his toys about as I did before his cancer diagnosis. It really puts perspective on life in general and I'm greatful for each and every day the LORD gives me breath to praise His name for bringing us through so many hurdles with Joshua's cancer fight. We have a long straight away ahead but God is equiping us to every good work. Please pray that His hand will continue it's provision in these lean days.....

Keep Praying!

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