Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fun Pics of Joshua-Our Fighter

This is a bill board they put up on a major bridge in Chattanooga. There was a fundraiser at the mall there and Joshua's beautiful face was the Poster Child of the day! Keep praying for our little guy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A word from Matt Redman

It's Tell Them Tuesday

It's Tell them Tuesday, go and tell someone today how much you love or appreciate them!

I will have more videos and pics of MOPS conference 2009 up soon!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Made to Love- No Mom Alone

Worship with MOPS

MOPS Convention- Thursday

First view when I walked in the Atrium....what a sight!

I enjoyed looking around while I waited to meet up with the other ladies.

Watertown, TN

Our first day was a time to relax before convention started up. We roamed around Aunt Amy's little town of Watertown. It was very cute. We went to the library and Elizabeth read some books. Then we ate at a Depot for lunch and watched the toy train go around the deli on it's track. It's a cute little town and I look forward to seeing it at Christmas.

Pictures and more are coming...MY MOPS Weekend

Drove 9 hours with 2 kids who NEVER cried one time and made the trip a dream.

Left both kids for the first time with my sister and her hubby and headed to the Gaylord Opryland version of Disney Land. Roamed around for 2 hours like a start struck country bumpkin, taking self portraits any time I thought no one was looking.

Thursday Evening-
Met up with the other ladies and got a little giddy. Ran like a fool with about 1000 other "I need me time" crazed mommies and got 16 seats saved ALL BY MYSELF.

Thursday Night-
Had a great opening night. fell in love with my steering team even more and drove home 45 minutes to my sisters house. (Sang country songs really loudly to keep myself awake)

Friday Morning-
Back with the girls, started my morning with a private (Oh you were there too?) worship service with Matty and just took it to a "whole 'notha level". Heard Plumb sing live and now believe she is the best singer in the world.

Spent the day being refreshed and reminded that 1. God is good and loves all of us. 2. No mom should be alone. 3. I am really Super Woman!

Friday Night- More worship, dance, spinning around with the Lord. Loving my steering team even more for not thinking I am the nutty one off to the side in my own little world. Blisters on my feet. More amazing worship. (starting to miss my family) Sushi with the Yolande by my side and the rest of the amazing ladies. Talked into spending the night with the girls. Jennifer gave me her bed and SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. (thanks girl, you have a servants heart) Sleep.

Saturday Morning-
Last day, Matt Redman, Matthew West, Kristi Nockels (spelling) Plumb, does it get any better? (Natalie Grant too, but I missed her...) Great speakers. Christ Love. Awesome Worship. Meeting other moms. Me time.... I am so filled up.

Home now. And ready to be a better mom.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Urgent Prayer

Our Family Needs your Prayers
I ask you to pray for our family this week. It's been a tough one for all of them. We ask for prayer for Grandma Lambert (Brian's Grandmother; Sandra's Mom) She is recovering in ICU from Heart surgery and has given us a few scares. We are waiting and hoping in the Lord for her to recover.
We ask for prayer for Ann Pulsifer (Dave's Sister n law; Brian's Aunt) She is fighting Brain cancer, and this week has not gone well. Again, hoping and waiting on the Lord.
Then we ask prayer for a friend that we will not name. Very close to the family, who has for the 2nd time miscarried a child. This time quite far a long and so if you are a mom, then you know what she is facing.
Our Family ask that all of you "get your knees dirty".
The Lord Gives and He takes away,
blessed be the name of the Lord.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updates on Joshua

Channel 3 AM Show & Joshua's Tumor Counts
Posted Sep 16, 2009 7:05pm
I asked my mom, Mary Bean, to contact Jed Mescon, a Channel 3 News Anchor, to see if he could drum up more support for Sunday's Taste of Hamilton Place by sending in info to him about Joshua's cancer journey. Jed called my mom back, got my number, and called me to ask if I could send a brief e-mail with a pic of Joshua. Jed tells me that he will air this story tomorrow, Thursday, bright and early on his show. I'm not a morning person, but you bet I'm getting up for this! I am so excited about the opportunity to support the cause of Childhood Cancer Awareness and T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic. Please everyone that can, tune into Chattanooga's Morning Show on WRCB TV Channel 3.
Today I called the T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic to get an update on Joshua's AFP, tumor marker; and they informed me that it's dropped 3 more points making his AFP total only 65! The therapy and prayer are working...keep it up everyone! We appreciate your devotion to us in your support! Don't forget that we love you but God loves you the most!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene
Sorry Joshua's Story Did Not Run But I Have Great News
Posted Sep 18, 2009 1:14pm
My heart sank as I viewed Thursday morning's news cast, when Tim turned the TV on there was Jed was covering a special live report about Eastridge flooding as well as other parts of the city. This is not only trajic news for our area but it knocked Joshua out of the lineup for his story and pic to be on the morning news. This morning I received a phone call from the WRCB Channel 3 Newsanchor, Jed Mescon. He informed me that he still had not received Joshua's pic but would like to do an exclusive story about Joshua. I was thrilled about this bit of news because the T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic is to have another push for funding besides this Sunday's Taste of Hamilton Place but this time it will be a radiothon November 5-7 by Sunny 92.3 DJ, James Howard. Hopefully, we'll be able to make all the arrangements to have it air around that time. WOW! there are a lot of exciting things happening for and to us lately. I feel as though one day we are going to be able to roll the red carpet out for these kids at the clinic who happen to be battling cancer. Yee-Haw! Hallelujia! Amen & Praise the Lord! As I have more info, I will let you know where and when to tune in.
I called the clinic yesterday to get Joshua's AFP, tumor counts, and they informed me that they have come down 3 points; so now his total count is 65! I was so happy to hear that Joshua's counts continue a downward trend! Please help us continue on this prayer journey to Joshua's ultimate healing. Don't you forget that we love you but God loves you the most.
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Growing so fast

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It's Tell them Tuesday

It's time to go and tell someone you love and appreciate, just how MUCH you love and appreciate them. Go and tell them today!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thirty-One Gifts

This is a great time to start your own Thirty-One business! or

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I have missed you all..

I am still blogging, life has just been really busy lately. I am so blessed to have had my Gina with me on Friday. I have some pictures to post and they will be up soon. I am also so excited that I gave my twitter background a makeover...go check it out. And follow me if you are on twitter!

I will be back soon!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The reason for death from an 8 year old

If you have every lost someone, you have to read this post:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remembering 9-11

I can't forget this day because it was an entire year of changes for me. I met my husband that year, I gave control of my life back to Christ that year and I started a 5 year teaching season of my life at a school called Evangel Christian Academy. All of these things changed me forever. All for the good. And 9-11 was such a day that I can remember facial expressions, smells and sounds like it was yesterday. So I don't just remember that day, but the whole year.
But to remember that day I would have to say was after work and I had spent the whole day glued to the TV and was told to go fill up on gas. Like every other city, we started to panic. I was living in the capital of Florida so we were really panicing. I remember this. I remember pulling up to a stop light and looking at faces of drivers all around me. People were like "Dawn of the dead" Absolute zombies, but if they made eye contact, they would share a tear with you, a simple nod, a smile of reassurance. People would let you ahead in line, allow you to go first, hold doors. There was a quiet peace over the city that was very unique and astounding. So unexpected. It was so quiet. People were in line for gas and so quiet. Just looking at each other and giving looks of "I love my country" like I had NEVER seen before. Then the American flags began to pop out EVERYWHERE. On doors, windowsn, cars, store fronts, mail boxes....
I had never been more proud to be an American. I had never been more heart broken for America. I have never loved my country more, than I did that day.
I chose this picture because I think it's how we all felt that day....

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Three Updates from Joshua's mom- getting caught up!

Joshua's Tumor Marker Is Down To Only 68! Praise God!
Posted Aug 31, 2009 2:32pm
Joshua started his cancer journey 6 months ago last month. Wow! that's 1/2 year! We are really feeling the rigors of these battles. We have many things to be thankful for today! When Joshua was originally diagnosed this past February his tumor marker was 733,000 and we find out today that it is only 68! Praise our Jehovah Rapha! He is the Devine, Great Physician who has set forth Joshua's healing journey from this awful cancer.
Y'all don't forget September is Cancer Awareness Month! If you are local to Chattanooga, please see me if you want to support the TC Thompson Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic by either buying a beautiful, gold door ribbon for $7.00 or a Childhood Cancer Awareness Magnet for $10.00.

2nd update-

Chattanooga Mayor, Ron Littlefield, Proclaims September As Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Posted Sep 3, 2009 12:36pm
Joshua is doing very well aside from having to come to clinic all week and this next Tuesday too. Today's visit to the clinic proved to be a lengthy but fruitful one. As parents and children of the clinic as well as myself, Joshi, & Dr. Bhakta looking on as Chattanooga, Tennessee's Mayor, Ron Littlefield, makes a ground breaking proclamation for this city to recognize September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month. You can see our pic in the Photo Gallery.
We found out the other day that an 8 foot tall poster of Joshua will hopefully be displayed on the Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, TN, September 12-20, along side 7 other patients of the Hem/Onc clinic.

3rd update

Happy & Safe Labor Day Weekend!
Posted 21 hours ago
Hello, all! We are spending this weekend with family. Joshua's Papaw Bean, my dad, birthday was on September 3rd; so we are using today to get together as a family and celebrate. Joshua is having a great time with his two cousins, Calvin & Corbin, as well as the rest of his family. Please pray that we have a good time of fellowship. We are missing a few key members of the family; Jared Bean, my beloved late nephew whom I will see again in Heaven some glorious day, Amanda & Donnie, my niece and her husband, and finally Heather & Brad, my other niece and her new husband. I miss their presence here with us but understand that they are needed elsewhere. Amanda & Donnie are at their home in Virgina, whereas Heather & Brad took a trip to Arkansas to see his folks for the weekend. "I Can Only Imagine" what Jared must be doing; I just know he's alot better off than us all. His eternal home, Heaven, sounds better to me everyday of this life's struggles. I'm so glad that Jared knew Jesus as his Savior and LORD and am glad that Jesus is mine too. The Holy Spirit continues to show me that my sin nature has a tendency to take over at times but He lovingly pulls me back into His fold. I pray as I feed my soul with God's Word and surround myself with the fellowship of godly people that He will help me endure until the end.
Joshua's clinic visits do not get easier especially since this week they were lengthier and I am a little under the weather myself because of Hayfever Season. Please help me pray that I won't take my family for granted as they help me watch Joshua in the clinic--they have been more than generous with their time. It has given Joshua the opportunity to bond with his Grandmother & Papaw Bean, they are the ones that come the most and sacrifice of theirselves and time--for which I'm eternally grateful. I have so much to be greatful for in that Joshua is doing so much better. Please pray that the miracles that God-Jehovah Rapha-The LORD God Who Heals will continue to be manifested in Joshua's little body. No matter what you do this weekend, remember to play it safe and have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget that we love you but God loves you more than you'll ever know in this life.
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene
Joshua Lee Freeman~JLF~Jesus Loves First

Family Day in support of our local families!

The Down Syndrome Association of Tallahassee would like to invite you to the 4th annual Buddy Walk. The Buddy Walk in a 1-mile advocacy walk promoting the acceptance and inclusion of people with Down Syndrome. We are proud that our community's Buddy Walk has grown from an outreach event into a family fun day attended by hundreds of friends, family and local supporters. This year's event will be held in South-wood's Town Center on September 19, 2009 from 9:00a.m. until 1:00p.m. We have many local supporters from Tallahassee that will be at our event and many fun activities planned. Including Emory Morris TaewonDo USA, Sharon Davis Dance, Tallahassee Irish Step Dancers, FSU Basketball, Bounce House/ Slide for the kids, FSU Circus, TPD Fire Truck, and many many more fun and exciting activities. Not to mention some REALLY great raffel items to win!! Look or listen for our event on Cumulus Radio: Star 98.9, Gulf 104, or Jazz 96.1 or Channel 6 WTCV or on the Digital Lamar Billboards on either Tennessee Street or North Monroe Street. For more information please feel free to go to we will be excepting donations for the walk, 93% of all the money we raise from this event stays in our community, helping to promote public awareness, education and a source of information and support to the families in Tallahassee and the big bend area. We hope that you will make plans to join us !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Hop Giveaway

It's easy, all you have to do is visit my web page- and then post a comment under the blog hop telling me what Thirty-One Gifts item is your favorite. I will draw a name from all the post at the end of the contest. It will end on September 7 at midnight! Winner will get a mini zipper pouch. MAKE SURE your give me good contact information or you may not get to claim your prize!

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My Hope is in Christ

I have met some of the most amazing people in the blogger universe over the last year. Some who have stories to tell from lives lived through tragedy, loss and joy...stories I hope I never have to tell. I read a blog today, so full of loss and hopelessness ( and I had to sit and remind myself who God is. Because in my flesh I sit and ask "Why, God?" This family is lost without Christ and lost in a grief that I can not even speak of. Who will tell them? Who will reach them? How will they know how loving God is? How will they know that He is the Kindest person I know? How will they know that He is Good?
And I heard God say again, "by telling them".

Oh, we must tell them. the world.