Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updates on Joshua

Channel 3 AM Show & Joshua's Tumor Counts
Posted Sep 16, 2009 7:05pm
I asked my mom, Mary Bean, to contact Jed Mescon, a Channel 3 News Anchor, to see if he could drum up more support for Sunday's Taste of Hamilton Place by sending in info to him about Joshua's cancer journey. Jed called my mom back, got my number, and called me to ask if I could send a brief e-mail with a pic of Joshua. Jed tells me that he will air this story tomorrow, Thursday, bright and early on his show. I'm not a morning person, but you bet I'm getting up for this! I am so excited about the opportunity to support the cause of Childhood Cancer Awareness and T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic. Please everyone that can, tune into Chattanooga's Morning Show on WRCB TV Channel 3.
Today I called the T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic to get an update on Joshua's AFP, tumor marker; and they informed me that it's dropped 3 more points making his AFP total only 65! The therapy and prayer are working...keep it up everyone! We appreciate your devotion to us in your support! Don't forget that we love you but God loves you the most!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene
Sorry Joshua's Story Did Not Run But I Have Great News
Posted Sep 18, 2009 1:14pm
My heart sank as I viewed Thursday morning's news cast, when Tim turned the TV on there was Jed was covering a special live report about Eastridge flooding as well as other parts of the city. This is not only trajic news for our area but it knocked Joshua out of the lineup for his story and pic to be on the morning news. This morning I received a phone call from the WRCB Channel 3 Newsanchor, Jed Mescon. He informed me that he still had not received Joshua's pic but would like to do an exclusive story about Joshua. I was thrilled about this bit of news because the T.C. Thompson Children's Oncology Clinic is to have another push for funding besides this Sunday's Taste of Hamilton Place but this time it will be a radiothon November 5-7 by Sunny 92.3 DJ, James Howard. Hopefully, we'll be able to make all the arrangements to have it air around that time. WOW! there are a lot of exciting things happening for and to us lately. I feel as though one day we are going to be able to roll the red carpet out for these kids at the clinic who happen to be battling cancer. Yee-Haw! Hallelujia! Amen & Praise the Lord! As I have more info, I will let you know where and when to tune in.
I called the clinic yesterday to get Joshua's AFP, tumor counts, and they informed me that they have come down 3 points; so now his total count is 65! I was so happy to hear that Joshua's counts continue a downward trend! Please help us continue on this prayer journey to Joshua's ultimate healing. Don't you forget that we love you but God loves you the most.
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

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