Monday, September 28, 2009

Pictures and more are coming...MY MOPS Weekend

Drove 9 hours with 2 kids who NEVER cried one time and made the trip a dream.

Left both kids for the first time with my sister and her hubby and headed to the Gaylord Opryland version of Disney Land. Roamed around for 2 hours like a start struck country bumpkin, taking self portraits any time I thought no one was looking.

Thursday Evening-
Met up with the other ladies and got a little giddy. Ran like a fool with about 1000 other "I need me time" crazed mommies and got 16 seats saved ALL BY MYSELF.

Thursday Night-
Had a great opening night. fell in love with my steering team even more and drove home 45 minutes to my sisters house. (Sang country songs really loudly to keep myself awake)

Friday Morning-
Back with the girls, started my morning with a private (Oh you were there too?) worship service with Matty and just took it to a "whole 'notha level". Heard Plumb sing live and now believe she is the best singer in the world.

Spent the day being refreshed and reminded that 1. God is good and loves all of us. 2. No mom should be alone. 3. I am really Super Woman!

Friday Night- More worship, dance, spinning around with the Lord. Loving my steering team even more for not thinking I am the nutty one off to the side in my own little world. Blisters on my feet. More amazing worship. (starting to miss my family) Sushi with the Yolande by my side and the rest of the amazing ladies. Talked into spending the night with the girls. Jennifer gave me her bed and SLEPT ON THE FLOOR. (thanks girl, you have a servants heart) Sleep.

Saturday Morning-
Last day, Matt Redman, Matthew West, Kristi Nockels (spelling) Plumb, does it get any better? (Natalie Grant too, but I missed her...) Great speakers. Christ Love. Awesome Worship. Meeting other moms. Me time.... I am so filled up.

Home now. And ready to be a better mom.

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HugandRelease said...

Can't wait to see photo's!