Sunday, February 21, 2010

Joshua- Our Warrior

Joshua is a Warrior
Posted 23 hours ago
I am very saddened to have to share this news with you. Last night Joshua had to be taken to T.C. Thompson's hospital by Life Force. Joshua started running a fever Sunday afternoon, Tim and Nadene had put Joshua in his car seat to take him to the hospital and Joshua had a seizure on his right side. At that time they called 911 and when they got there they reponsed for Life Force to come and get him. After getting Joshua to the hospital and they did some test and CT's the doctor came out and shared the news with us that Joshua's cancer had spread to his brain. The tumor is 4 cm on the bottom of the right side of his brain, the tumor had ate through the blood vessel and started a bleed and that is what caused the seizure. Of course this changes everything, Joshua will no longer be doing the clinical trial, we will hopefully be checking him out of the hospital tomorrow and taking him home with Hospice of Chattanooga to assist with the care of his needs. Which if we have to go that route it is a blessing because Aunt Charlene does PRN work for Hospice of Chattanooga so she will be very involved in his care. From this point on the main concern is pain control.

The good news is Joshua sit up in bed most of today, played a little and talked to us allot. He still knows who we all are, he has some trouble getting his thoughts out of his mouth, but he lets us know his wants and needs. He still has that awesome smile on his face and that love coming out of every inch of him. The time for Joshua to stay here with us is short we don't know a time frame as of yet but we know it will be soon, but the blessing is that Joshua is going to healed soon no more needles or no more tubes.

Just keep the family and Joshua is all of your prayers and most of all thank you for your love and prayers.

Will update you soon.

Love you lots,
Uncle Ray and Aunt Kim


christy rose said...

I will continue to pray!

Jordan said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. I have been following your blog and I hate to see this turn. I will be praying for him and his family as they go through this horrible time :(

Leah said...

Oh, my heart hurts. God is still good and awesome, and I know He will see them through this. I am still praying!

HugandRelease said...

Tammy I am so sorry. Please give our love to Joshua and Nadene (fam) I wish I could be there for you as well. I love ya girl. call me if you need me. I as well have and will never stop praying for Joshua.