Friday, August 27, 2010

My Girls

As I watch my girls play, it fills me with all measures of joy. but sometimes a little longing as well as I look at them with my mother's eyes.
Trying to imagine them growing up makes me realize the love my mother must have for me. And when I hear her reminisce over my little girl days, I can now imagine what she must be feeling.

I know she is proud of me. Proud of the sister, wife and mother that I have become. But I also know she can't help but hear my giggle as a little girl and miss my snuggles and hugs.

I have carried Elizabeth wrapped in a towel, after every bath, to go say "Hey Daddy" to her daddy since she was an infant. Now she hardly fits in my arms and I don't know how much longer I can carry her as a towel bundle to "see her daddy". She's not a baby any more and it makes me think..."does my mom feel this way?"
Mom recently wrote me a beautiful note, recounting all the things she loved and missed about me as her daughter still living at home. But also thanked me for her granddaughters that now bring her so much joy.
What an amazing, painful, lovely, longing, beautiful and precious full circle we must come. From daughter to mother to grandmother we must travel to fully comprehend the love we take for granted. My little girls will always be my little girls, I will imagine this is how I will feel even when they become mothers one day.
I love you mom.

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Julie said...

blahh, I was tearing up reading this, because I feel the same way!!! Motherhood rocks! but its also melancholy too.