Saturday, January 24, 2009

For La-La

I am sorry you lost your daddy today, but I know for a fact you would not bring him back if you could...
My father closed his eyes today
and opened them in Glory.
If I could hold his hand right now,
he'd walk and tell me a story.
A story of how faith becomes sight,
and loved ones stand to greet you
How everything that grew old,
is suddenly made new.
He'd walk a little ahead of me,
for suddenly he's much faster.
Like a kid on Christmas morn'
He'd run to meet the Master.
"Hurry up", he'd call back,
"I can't wait for you to meet Him!"
I'd realize he finished a race,
that everyone can win.
Standing back, taking my time,
to drink in every moment.
Understanding this is it,
the blessing of Atonement.
Calling out, I would say,
"Daddy, I must go."
But he would not hear my voice,
for he'd be singing at the throne.
My Father closed his eyes today,
and opened them in Glory.
Since he would not come back now,
then I'll tell you his story.

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