Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shop and Give at the same time

As you all know, I sell Thirty-One can check it all out at
We sell all sorts of cute stuff! We even have a Thermal Tote sale going on.
Why am I telling you this? I am doing a fundraiser to help with Isaac's Playground. You can learn about him by checking out the link to your right called "He Will Carry Me". A good size portion of all of my sales are going to be donated to the Church his family attends, for a playground in his name. You need to place your order by the last day of January. I have been doing this all month and have a goal of giving him $100...
So shop for mom, daughters, teachers, pastor's wives, mother n laws or yourself! Don't let me down!
Smile and hug,
Tammy and check out the specials!
(btw, add your order to Courtney's show to help her out, she is a friend of Isaac's family. Just have your order shipped right to your home instead of hers, you will see the option for this as you check out!)

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