Friday, October 16, 2009

Better late than never


I wanted to get this up sooner, but by the last post, you all know that I have been a little "out of it". Hard week. I wanted to share my photos from Memphis' b-day. It was great to see Gina, I miss her a ton! We had a great time and the kids enjoyed seeing each other again!
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HugandRelease said...

I love it! The one at Chuck E. Cheese totally made me laugh again. You so didn't know I was behind you. Can you send me these. Like the one of me and E and the one with the bow on my head and all the others of S and M....Hmmm.....M and S sounds a little better.

christy rose said...

You always have such awesome pics. It looks like everyone was having so much fun!

Moments of Grace said...

How wonderful to see the photos of you and Gina with the children. I hope you had awonderful time together. Everyone looks so happy.
god is good to give us such wonderful friends.
May He bless you today.

In Grace,