Saturday, October 24, 2009

Joshua-So sick Jehovah Jirah- So Amazing

Update from Nadene: Get your knees dirty!
Joshua Had No Surgery Today But Unfortunately He Needs More Chemo
Posted 21 hours ago
Thank God, yesterday we got into Ronald Mc Donald House up here in Cincinnati, OH & we'll be staying until Tuesday because Joshua needs a GFR-nuclear test on Monday which lasts several hours.
Joshua didn't have surgery today because no matter how great he is doing on the outside, his lungs on the inside are not so good. His cancer has spread to other areas of his lungs, which explains why his AFP-tumor marker-continues to climb. Last count it was 324, which by no means has waivered my faith in Joshi's healing, especially when I know he primatively started @ a whopping 733,000.
We met with Dr. Geller this PM, and he informed us that Joshua would possibly be starting a different chemo regimine called I.C.E.--which is hard hitting and includes-- (Ifosfamide, Carboplatin, & Etoposide). The great news is that Joshua will be able to to take this at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital but only as an inpatient basis over the course of a month. Prayerfully if Joshua responds after 2 cycles=2months, he may come back here to Cincinnati Children's Hospital for a bone marrow harvesting, which is very painful and can take four days. Please pray for him and for us not to lose faith in God's healing touch. By the way, we love you but never forget God loves you more!

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The Glover Family said...

My heart breaks for this precious little Angel of God's! I am praying, praying and praying!