Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayer for Tebow

In a world that lies in wait for the next Christian Public figure to "blow it", we should be in prayer for the new, and latest one waiting for the "slaughter". Tim Tebow is leaving the comfort of the Bible belt and headed into the lions den. With, I am sure, every intention of living for our Lord and Savior. But don't you know the enemy would love to see him fall into sin and end up on the waste pile of many other "Christians" who have failed in the sight of men. These men who don't realize we serve a God who is not shocked by our sin, and does not rely on our righteousness to have a place in his Family. Men who don't understand that we are right before our God because of the work of the Cross and not our works. What work could we do to trump the Cross?
But still, Tebow has a heavy weight of the world on him. The world that wants to see him fail so they can proudly say "see, he's no different from the rest of us, where is his God now?" So lift him up in prayer. May he be a light in a dark world and for that world to say "What does he have, and how can I get it?"

Amazing article-not from a Christian view, but from a world view. Read it, then start praying. May God be glorified in this young man's life.

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