Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I have a dear and new friend who is facing a very serious procidure with her amazing little life growing inside her. Her little baby girl is coming up on 32 weeks and needs a blood transfusion in the womb. The abilities that God has given our doctors is amazing, but none the less, this is scary for any mom to have to face.

Pray for baby "B". Put your own time of pregnancy in your mind, look at the face of your own baby in your heart and think of her this way. Put yourself in my friend's shoes and pray in faith with us over this sweet little life.

It will be on Wednesday. I ask you to get up on Wednesday morning and speak LIFE for this little life and her mommy. I know I bring a lot of request to you, all I ask is that you lay them at the Throne with us. BOLDLY.

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