Sunday, March 28, 2010

Joshua and Easter

Joshua's Sunday Update
Posted 42 minutes ago
Joshua is doing pretty well. He's in good spirits and not having to have hardly any morphine to offset his pain; he's been in a much better mood for it.

Yesterday we had an American Le Mans Series driver, Dave Marchinor...who happens to be a cancer survivor himself all thanks to Hatch's House of Hope's Dr. Osborne. They left a minature box car along with a pair of signed race gloves! Joshua just loved it. He tried on Dave's autographed gloves and said, "They're too big." I am going to try to get the pic of them on here but it will take some time because of computer hoops I have to jump through.

Joshua didn't feel well enough yesterday to do a photo shoot at the T.C. Thompson Cancer Clinic. It seems as if he's getting more and more tired.

One more week until Easter. Joshua has been getting oodles of things to play with and plenty of candy to eat. Please help me pray not just for the miracle of healing over Joshua, I pray that God will give us not just one more day with Joshua but Easter as well. Thanks!

Today we're just lounging around the Ronald McDonald House. We had Joshua's Nanny, Uncle Scott, Aunt Lucy, & Uncle Dewayne visit at this wonderful home-away-from-home. May I remind everyone, please give in whatever capacity you can to this wonderful place. They help do so much for many families. Don't forget that we love you...but God loves you more.

Christ...The Cure All,

Joshua Lee Freeman~JLF~Jesus Loves First
Matthew 18:5

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