Saturday, April 3, 2010

What Joshua Said

Easter Weekend- a weekend when people who don't usually go to church, will take the time to go and celebrate a risen Savior. Whether they truly know that Savior or not, if it's for duty, family tradition or a genuine love the Jesus; the pews, folded chairs, rented movie theatre seating- will all be filled this weekend. Hopefully the pastor or teacher called to his position will preach the full truth of the Gospel and tell this world they Have a God who loves them, who hates sin and sent his only son to erase that sin. How he made a way to fill the gap that separates this dying world to a perfect Father. I Hope.

But this weekend there is a mom who prays to spend one last Easter with her son. And this is what Joshua said- "I wanna come...I wanna go now..." I (His mom) asked him, "Where do you wanna go?" He said, "I was......n't talkin' to you I was talkin' to Jesus."

Celebrate Life this weekend. Celebrate the Life you Have or Can Have by your Faith in the only begotten Son of God.


Pastor B said...

I'm all over this. If a child like this says he is talking with Jesus...I am not going to argue with him. I'm thinkin' of a song right now. (It goes like this, "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world....")

Moments of Grace said...

I am overwhelmed with pride at a child who would love God so much, that He is willing to go where He is. this child's faith did not come by accident---it came from a loving mother and father who cared enough to teach him about Heaven and a Father-God who loves and cares for us.
I am inspired today by such a courageous child. I am humbled by his faith and his spirit.
thank you for this post and for the way you always inspire me as well. You challenge me to move forward in Christ and to trust Him more.
Love to you today, my friend.

In Grace,