Sunday, April 18, 2010

Don't Wait

Every day we wake up is a gift from God. The people we love, this life that we've been given. What will you do for Christ? What will matter for eternity. Who do you need to call, to love, to forgive? Who do you need to thank for being so important to you? Who do you need to love MORE? Who has God laid on your heart, or promped you to share Christ with? Don't wait.

Saturday a friend lost her husband. She found him on the couch, slipped into eternity with Jesus. She is young and expecting their first child in 8 weeks. Life is not doom and gloom, but we do need to realize we never know what tomorrow brings. So glad to know that Joe is with Jesus, and praying that his sweet wife will learn a closer walk with the Savior as heaven is now sweeter for her.
Just don't wait.


Moments of Grace said...

How my heart aches for your friend. It is such a tragedy. But, you are right. As awful as it sounds, life goes on and to know that a loved one rests with the Lord will be of such comfort in the days ahead.
I have been blessed with four wonderful brothers. The two older ones have gone on to be with the Lord. Their deaths were unexpected and tragic. My family and I have the knowledge, however, that we will see them again in the presence of the Lord. This passing is merely a temporary separation.
I will be keeping your friend in prayer. I am so blessed to know you, Tammy, and to know we serve the same precious Lord.
May He bless you today.

In Grace,

christy rose said...

Oh my goodness! This post is so moving and so true. My heart aches in hearing what happened to your friend and her husband. I am agreeing with your prayer over her.