Friday, December 18, 2009


Our Joshua is just hanging in there. He had a little relapse but he is fighting back. Nadene has the faith of a fighter and we are all still praying for him. They are back in the hospital and waiting for more test results. Pray that we get a good report and that Nadene's faith can be strengthened soon. We read Romans 8 together and talked about the hand of God. How we are waiting for Hope and the redemption of God. Nadene's prayer for her son is selfless in that she wants God to be glorified. She sees so many people of all walks of life, following Joshua's story. Knowing that HE SHOULD NOT BE HERE, there is a very small percentage of kids who come back from the degree of cancer that he is fighting and so the hand of God is so evident on his life. She prays that is stays and for people to see how Mighty He is! Pray with us.

Joshua is getting a puppy for Christmas..... her name is "Healer".