Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Levi and Tell Them Tuesday

Please, please continue to pray for Joshua. But I need you to add a new little boy to your list today. His name is Levi and he is the friend of a missionary couple I met a couple years ago. For another health issue that should not have been a serious problem, their 11 month old had to go in for a feeding tube. But during the second night of having it, it came off INSIDE him and his abdominal and chest cavity filled ALL NIGHT without anyone knowing, with formula! He was rushed to hospital then surgery to "clean" him out, it was an awful procedure. He has since been in PICU and in a chemical coma because of the awful pain he is in. He is now being put back into surgery because his stomach is now infected and causing more pain. Just pray for this sweet baby, his parents and even his big brother who are all hurting because he is hurting. Pray for a miracle, for healing and for peace. Our God is so big and so kind, pray they feel his power today.

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