Monday, December 14, 2009

My Kind Stranger

Today I made food for friends who needed it, danced in the kitchen with my 16 month old, passed out goodies to my neighbors (Christmas cards and sweets), piled my kids in the car to go to Old Navy at the mall (only to find it TOO has shut down)so then we walked around for an hour and shared a bag of waffle fries and drove the Mall "fire truck" (Anna particularly enjoyed that), found a Christmas gift for Daddy, and did nothing that I had planned on doing today...and it was great.
But my favorite part was meeting a stranger. I had gone to buy cool whip and it was on sale! So there I was at the check out, with only cool whip and it was a whopping grand total of $1! All I had was a debit card, so as I looked around to find something else to buy, a lady walked up and gave me a dollar and said Merry Christmas.
As I was getting my kids in the car, I saw her walk by and I thanked her about a million times. She just said, "you just look out to help each other, that's what you do, God bless you"....what if we all did this?
I think she walked away feeling more blessed than me, after all, it's more of a blessing to give than to receive. I hope you will look for your own stranger this Christmas season..I know I will!

If you are thinking "who is the baby and what's the deal?" then click at the link at the VERY BOTTOM of my blog. This little girl taught me a lot about being thoughtful, and this lady today reminded me of her memory. Go read her story at the bottom if you can. Her name was Kaliegh and she changed the world from her hospital room last year.


HugandRelease said...

So sweet. I am so thankful that people can still amaze me and that GOD IS GOOD!

christy rose said...

That is so cool to hear of and see the heart of God being dished out this Christmas season. I want to keep dishing it out myself.