Saturday, November 7, 2009

First CEF Market

It's over! It was so much fun, check out my slide show at Now I can get back to the land of the living, get back to loving on my friends, keeping in touch with my family, spending time with my girls, getting in the Word! This was my first time as an Event Planner, and I really loved it. I learned a lot today of what I will need to do better, and expect next year's market to be even better. Thank you if you were praying for us.
I am doing a fundraiser and still collecting orders from today. If you would like to Christmas Shop with me, I am giving half of my commission to CEF. So go to and look for the CEF show under "shop on line", or e-mail me from there. Thanks again, and am so glad it's over, but already looking forward to making next year even better!
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