Friday, November 6, 2009

too many toys!

Recently our 3 year old has been displaying..well...a sin nature! Imagine that? I know what you are thinking, "No, not sweet E!" But oh yes, she is a sinner, just like her momma!
We started taking toys away and one week it was so bad that she had nothing but her shoes to play with. I literally found her playing "mommy and daddy" with her shoes! Don't feel sorry for her, she was insane that week! But then as the days went on and she slowly started getting her toys back, the more toys she earned back, the less imaginative she was being.
So I went through her room and got rid of any toys that were not necessary and she is playing so well right now.

do your kids have too many toys?

I plan on her getting very little this Christmas unless it is art or clothes or something to go with a toy she already has. We over stimulate our kids these days. My daughter has learned the art of a good sturdy box from the recycle bin is way more fun than a whole set of baby dolls! Stop and watch your kids, if they are not imagining...then maybe it's time to "clean out the room".