Monday, November 23, 2009

My Anna Banana

So first let me say, God is awesome. I trust him with my eternal life and I trust him with my children!
Anna had a routine check up today and as I was leaving, my doctor pulled me aside and asked to speak to me along...never a good feeling...
He shut the door and began to show me a chart and basically that Anna stopped growing back in August. Of course, IMMEDIATELY, the enemy started to attack me in fear. My whole body was shaking. Even the measurement of her head has gone done almost an inch. and she has almost fallen off the percentile chart.
I had a small panic moment...but then there it came- THAT PEACE THAT PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING. I must and I will trust in my God, my Jesus. Can I do anything to change this, to affect the blood test that will begin next week? No. I cannot worry. But I can trust and pray.
We will start running test next week. Here is how WE WILL PRAY:

1. In Faith, not fear.
2. For her to start growing and all concerns of the doctors to go away.
3. For the blood test to show normal results and for this to be nothing more than an over active toddler who needs to eat more.
4. For God to be glorified and I serve Him well in this "season".

I will let you know as soon as I know anything....test begin after Thanksgiving. God is good.


mesa said...

prayers have been said.
I love you my dear friend ♥

Anonymous said...

I pray that God will be glorified no matter the outcome and that you feel his guidance in Anna's life and your family's life even if you can't see his hand through the wind and the rain and that faith and strength will abound.

Leah said...

God is good, Tammy. We will be continuously praying for Anna, and all of you.

christy rose said...

Oh My! That would have been a moment that fear could have seized and taken hold but thank God that He is faithful and the fruit of knowing Him arose in your heart and caused faith to grab hold of the Truth!! I come in agreement with your prayer!

Anonymous said...

I was reading in Ezra 7 this morning, and 3 times it says that the "hand of the Lord" was upon Ezra. In verse 6, the result is that everything Ezra asked for, he was given. In verse 9, the result is that the Lord protected Ezra. And in verse 28, the result is that Ezra took courage and obeyed the Lord even when it was hard. Know that the hand of the Lord is upon you and your precious daughter. May you take great hope in His faithfulness and be courageous in the midst of difficulty and uncertainty.


The Alexanders said...

Tammy - will be praying for you guys and Anna. Thank you for letting me know. May you have peace this Thanksgiving as you rest in Him.

Moments of Grace said...


You know I am praying with you. Our God is able to do abundantly more than we could ever hope, dream, or imagine. I know this will end as a testimony to His healing power.
May you be sustained in Him today.

In Grace,

becky bell said...

Will be praying for your sweet baby girl and yourself!