Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Amazing Grace, Amazing Faith

February 27 update:
You know we've been in the hospital since Sunday 2/15/2009 and I cannot wait for the doctor to say your son is can take him home now. Pray for us because we are going to long to hear those words over the course of this year. Our journey away from home to cure Joshua's cancer has just started according to the doctors. I know that we serve an awesome God, He can choose to heal our Joshua if he desires.
Joshua has developed a personality that is unlike his old self. He is smart and has already devloped white coat syndrome. He will fight the nurses and us when trying to do the simplest of tasks because they have poked and prodded him so much in these last two weeks. Home is on his mind continuously. He asks to go home several times a day. The only comfort he has is in the arms of a lovedone fast asleep and when he wakes up we share the same nightmare...we are in the hospital treating him for liver cancer. I would love to be home and at rest but I know my place is with my child no matter how tired I truely am. I am not one to run away from my problems, I face them head on and go toe to toe. This cancer don't know who this baby's momma's in trouble! No, better doesn't know that this baby's momma serves a LIVING GOD who still heals...Jehovah Rapha! AMEN SELAH!

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Praying for Joshua...for all of you...