Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pray for Joshua

So here is our little Joshua. If you would like to send him something to bring a smile to his face, then contact me and can give you an address to bring a smile to his face. His mom is working on a care page. As soon as I have information on that, she is happy to share that site. We will have results tomorrow so we can know what kind of fight Joshua has ahead of him. Get your knees dirty friends. We are looking for a miracle and God's amazing Grace!
They have it narrowed down to two cancers. It is either "germ-cell" or "liver" cancer. From what the dr. say, germ-cell is the least aggressive of the two. They are both hanging in there. If you want to post a prayer or message to Nadean, she will get a chance to see these post. So please leave a message of encouragement to her! I will keep the information updated as it comes in. Thank you for your prayers.
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Chelsea Pang said...

Praying, God release this baby and their family from this sickness. It is not of You Lord. Make it right. Your will, Lord is all we want. Amen.

Michelle said...

Nadene & Joshua,
Please know we are bathing you both in prayer! May the Lord give you the comfort and peace you need during this difficult time.

Thank you Lord for being the Great Physician! We know you are holding little Joshua in your hands! May your will be done in this little boys life! Thank you in advance for what you are going to do in his life! We love you! AMEN!