Thursday, February 19, 2009

Continue to pray

to visit with Joshua..go to and make an account. Really easy, not a lot of info to give up to join. Once you are in, click on "visit" at the top and a line will show up for you to put in joshualeefreeman51706 all together and then his page link will pop up. Please visit with him and you can start leaving comments and prayers for him daily!

Joshua is still in very critical condition. He is keeping a temp of about 101 and is in a lot of pain. His tumor in the liver is the size of a grapfruit and another biopsi will be taken tomorrow. Our little guy is very tired and so is mom and dad. As soon as they know what type, we will post more information. Pray that the doctors can give mom and dad a lot of hope tomorrow. Please continue to pray and leave messages for Nadene. I will try to be as accurate as I can with the information and relay it well. Please put our Joshua on your prayer chain.
Message from Joshua's mom:

I thank you, Tammy, for spreading the word about our precious Joshua. He is so very important to us but just as important to God. He says that he cares for the little sparrows...I know that he will care for my little Joshi. He will bring us through is hard to lean on Him instead of our own understanding of the situation...but I am praising God ahead of time for healing Joshua and believing that He can do it if we ask and if it is according to his will. I know that Paul asked 3 times for God to remove his ailment but God answered finally with my grace is strength is made perfect in your weakness. I pray that God will touch our Joshi's little body and heal the cancer....cure it...I claim healing in Jesus sweet and holdy name...Amen!Praying for the balm of Gilead,Nadene


Michelle said...

Thanks so much for the updates Tammy! We are continuing to pray for Joshua! We will ask out church to pray as well! Have a great day and God Bless!

SharaLee Jewelry said...

You are in our prayers Joshua, Nadene and family. My heart hurts for you and I pray that God will give you strength and grace through this time.Lord if it is your will, please heal Joshua's little body.

Tammy's sister-in-law

Bethany said...

I will be praying for little Joshua and asking my Sunday School class to pray for sure too! Make God mightly strengthen his body with His healing power!!!!

mesa said...

Joshua and his family will be in our prayers. Praying for comfort and peace for the family and wisdom for the doctors to help heal little Joshua.
God Bless!

L said...

We pray for healing for Joshua, strength for you, Nadene, and wisdom for the doctors. Joshua is a precious boy and God loves him very much!!!!

May God shower you and your family with many blessings!!!