Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ugly Enemy

Well, it is Liver Cancer. Little Joshi has a huge, hard road ahead of him. But our God is no smaller and no less kinder. We pray for the power of his presence, the work of his Grace and the peace in His plan. Pray with Nadene, she is so upset. This was the one Cancer they just did not want to hear come out of the doctors mouth. He gets to go home Friday, then it will become a matter of weekly visits and chemotherapy. A round of chemotherapy ususally set aside for ADULTS. So this will be rough on his little body. Just bathe him in prayer with us. And pray for his parent's hearts not to break as they watch his unfold. Pray for moments of joy in what they are about to do, that will testify to the goodness of our God. Remember, you can follow his at http://www.carepages.com/ and just make an account. He would be found under 'visit" and joshualeefreeman51706 in the search line.

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