Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Prayer for Sawyer- UPDATE

Please be in prayer for baby Sawyer. He has been vomiting and running high fever of 104 since Sunday. He was admitted today. Please pray for peace for mom and wisdom for the doctors. You all may remember he was very sick at 11 weeks, and has never fully recovered. (good weeks and bad weeks off an on since) Pray that all of his health is restored soon and that mom can finally get the right answers that will bring a resolve. Pray for dad and brother as well. The whole house has been sick with a virus, but baby Sawyer got the worse case of it. Please check back for an update. FEBRUARY 27- SAWYER IS COMING HOME TODAY. BUT STILL NEEDS OUR PRAYERS. STILL NOT EATING WELL AND HIS BODY IS STILL FIGHTING THE VIRUS. MOM NEEDS SLEEP!
And of course, we are still praying for Joshua. His chemo started yesterday and he had a really rough day. His mom is holding to hope and faith. Joshua has stage 3 liver cancer and we need the healing power of our Heavenly Father for both of these boys.
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Michelle said...

Praying for Sawyer as well!

HugandRelease said...

Thank you for your prayers. I will keep you updated about when we will be going to Shands hospital in Gainesville, Fl.