Sunday, June 14, 2009

great update from Nadene

Great News, Everybody! We are done with cycle 5 and Joshi was well enough to get out of the hospital today. My brother, Ray, & sister-in-law, Kim, are brave enough to keep Joshi overnight--so we can have a date night & watch the Riverbend fireworks. They have given us a much needed break from the rigors & stress of Joshi's care--why with all his meds & 24 hour feeds--it gets very stressful. We are also going to be able to attend church together for the first time in what it seems like ages. Tomorrow our church, Zion Hill Baptist Church, is having a special Sunday to honor our Joshua. Here's a pic of Joshi's shirt on some of the Childrens Church puppets honors of Cody. Thank you all for your continued support for us during this very hard time. We love you & wanna encourage your continued support no matter the manner or fashion but the main support we covet so is your prayers. ~Nadene~ {JLF~Matt. 18:5}

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