Thursday, June 11, 2009

Update from Nadene- Joshua's Mom

I copied and pasted this text from Nadene...please continue to pray...

Sorry I didn't get a txt msg to you yesterday about Joshi's current status. PTL He does not have tyflitis, a horribly painful inflamation of the gut. He does however have ileus, which means part of his gut is paralized. They are hoping that will go away as he becomes more active and his gut heals. As of yesterday,Joshi is back on antibiotics. They didn't want to take any chances so they thought it was necessary because he's been running a low grade fever for a couple days. His CBC, complete blood count, counts are great accept his ANC, absolute neutrophil count-the white blood cells that make up our immune system, they are still low so we continue to give him the painful Neupogen shots every night. His CTscan showed shrinkage in the tumors. PTL Thank y'all for your continued prayer support. I included a pic of him after he received a cap & beads from the group of US Navy soldiers paid all the kids a visit & came by Joshi's room to wish him well. ~Nadene~ {JLF~Matt. 18:5}

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Leah said...

How great of the soliders! He is such a cutie...we are still praying!