Sunday, June 28, 2009

I loved today's sermon

At church today, I loved, loved every part of it. I know that church is not "about me". But you know how sometimes you just hear God and worship is amazing and fellowship is sweet? It was all that today.
I am going to try and share the meat of our sermon, my apologies if I butcher it, if I don't make sense, just shake you head and pretend to agree with me!
Pastor spoke from the Gospels on the story of Christ in the boat and the disciples dismay at him sleeping through the storm. He reminded us of Christ being human, and needing to rest. And the powerful God in heaven who was not asleep and had everything under control. He spoke of the word Fear not being used until Christ actually calmed the storm and then they marveled (or feared) what Christ had just done. They went from a fleshly, "it's all about me" fear, to a "Wow, my God is big" fear. It was a perfect love that casted out all inferior fear to usher in the Fear of the Lord that is perfect. It is us no longer saying "God, you don't care about my job, God you don't care if my son has cancer, God, you don't care if my marriage is falling apart", to "God, you are bigger than this storm".
If you are in a storm, God is not sleeping. don't fear the waves, fear the God of the waves. And as Pastor said, if you are looking at God from "it's about me" eyes, then this won't make any sense. This life just isn't about us, is it? Fear of God is not the same as Fleshly Fear, it is a perfect Fear...created in Perfect Love.


Annie said...

Great post, Tammy! Sounds like a great sermon, too. :) (I used that same picture on a post of mine ~ "Faith?" ~ it was fun to see it here.) Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found me however it was. :) Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog and art. :) Great to meet you! I'll bookmark your site and look forward to seeing you soon! God bless!

Moments of Grace said...

Oh, Tammy,
What a wonderful post and how much I enjoyed reading it. I have often felt the same--as if the service was designed just for me. The flow of love and joy during these services if so uplifting and so encouraging. How good of God to share Himself with us and meet us directly at our point of need.
I pray that you will continue to be blessed of the Lord and that your every need will be supplied.

In Grace,