Thursday, June 4, 2009

Past few days...

We celebrated a 3rd birthday with a friend on Saturday. Good bye to May...does not even feel like that month even happened. Where is the time going? I really don't understand why it moves so fast when you become a parent. Is it the business?
Don't you love group photos with little children? The lack of focus is monumental and quite entertaining! Happy Birthday Kara!
Anna has started doing this shy smile that makes you want to eat her up. You give her a balloon and she will be happy for as long as it stays in her hands. Though it makes me nervouse when she sinks her little two front teeth into the soft part at the top. That's when the fun has to end.
My friend Gina signed up with me and is now a Thirty-One gifts consultant. I am so excited for her. I spent the day with her in Destin and she had a chance to do a party with her mom. We were planning on doing some swimming, but the summer rain kept us all in doors. We still had a great time. I enjoyed the ride there and back talking with my long time friend Kristina. She was a great source of fun for Mempis and Elizabeth since the rain was quite the party pooper!
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