Saturday, June 27, 2009

Update from Nadene on Joshua...pray for little guy

Joshua Is Still The Same
Posted 11 hours ago
Still not a word from Cincinnati Children's Hospital. We are still in the TC Thompson Children's Hospital but we are now in room 314. PTL! This room is a bigger room than what we had. However, it's not on the side of the hospital Joshua likes. That side of the hospital is where Joshi can see people on the streets and the helicopter going in and out, he noticed too and it made him a little sad. Believe me, we tried to get him over there but a lot of hospital politics kept us from it. It was my hopes that Joshua would get down in the floor and play in this larger room but he hasn't been out of the bed since Monday and his tummy is starting to get distended. Please pray that Joshua will feel well enough to get down from the bed and play today. We are still battling Joshua's diarrhea and fever. His diarrhea is better today after stopping his feeds last night. Please pray Joshua's feeds will get him back on track but mainly that his ANC, the immune system's white blood cells that fight infection, will start coming up and soon. His little body is taking these licks not only from chemo but all this sickness in his gut and it is so hard to see him not even wanting to eat or getting out of bed. Thanks to those who pray for us! We love and appreciate you!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

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