Friday, May 15, 2009

Joshua in the news

There is a little segment on Joshua on this video link. It is at about the 8 minute 45 second mark that his part comes up. I could not find a fast forward but it goes by pretty quick. There is a segment on children's allergies before he is shown. I hope you will watch it.

You will also get to see sweet mommy, Nadene. They talk to her a little. Here is his update for today:

"Findings demonstrate continued improvement in response to recent therapy with decrease in the number and size of pulmonary nodules, and the size of the hepatic lesion since the prior exam. No new suspicious finding are identified."
This means that Joshua's tumors are going away, slowly but surely. AMEN PRAISE THE LORD!
We have a whole nother set of problems though. We found out that Joshua has a similar virus to the Rota that he just got over, it's called C. Dificile. Joshua has vomitted, diarreah We ask for no visitors during this time because the nature of the contagious nature, no antibacterial or hand sanitizers work to kill the virus...the only sure way to lessen your chances of contracting the virus is by washing your hands really well with soap and water. Dr. Gratias says that this is as the Roto virus, people with normal immune systems can fight it no problem but Joshua is immune compromised and it complicates matters for him and makes it much more dangerous. Please pray that he get well and soon.

You all keep praying!

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