Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Father's Arms

I am sorry if I seem a little consumed by this story right now. But I had been following this family for months now and had such a hope that little Kayleigh would make it home. And those of us who have our hope in Christ, know that she did. Just not in the way her parents were hoping for. I love this photo. When I looked at it for the first time, it took my breath away. You see, Kayliegh has already passed in this photo, or so I understand. For on their blog, they talk of it being the first time they were able to hold her with no wires and tubes to separate them from her sweet hug. And when I looked at her daddy's face I saw absolute peace. Do you see it?
And then I thought of my Heavenly Father. And pictured him holding her the same way when she entered His presence. With the same look of love and peace on His face as well. And then I began to cry and suddenly saw myself in my Father's arms. Isn't that what He wants? Us in His arms, with nothing between Him and our whole self? He wants us, chest to chest, with no clings to this world. With no earthly treasures to bulk up between us. No claims to this earthly body or evaporating life. So I want to be that. Free to hold on to my father with nothing between us. Completely His to hold. Free in my Father's arms.

God be with Adam and Aimee as they find peace in the midst of this pain.


The Carpenters said...

So true and so perfect. Beautifully said.

The Carpenters said...

How is it you've been touched so much by someone you've never met? That's easy. It's a, a lot...of Divine Intervention, my dear! :)
Kayleigh will never be forgotten in my heart, or my household. I only assume that's the case in yours as well.
Anxiously awaiting The Doctors show!

Leah said...

Thank you for this, Tammy. Wonderfully put.