Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Joshua from his Mom

Today--While Still In The Hospital, Joshua Turns 3 Years Old
Posted 13 hours ago
Joshua has been very sick in the hospital for 5 days and 6 nights now but who's counting...huh? Joshua has been battling a very contagious stomach virus and now we learn that he has a cold that may causing all of his coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever, so he can't rest and neither can we because of no medicine. The doctors say that it is good that he cough in order to exercise his lungs and get out whatever is trying to go down in his lung. He has mucousitis which contributes to an inflimation that gives Joshua the urge to cough a lot. We've been changing diapers, washing out clothes from the diaper blow outs, changing the bed clothes, and keeping up with our sick, sick child...I'm exhausted but I know that I have to wipe our house down with bleach to kill this virus if it lurks somewhere there. There was a lot of contributing factors like the antibiotics he's taken and the fact that he's just getting over Roto Virus and slick gut. I can say I'm very tired...worn to a frazel. All I can do is my best and that's all I got.
We are going to have Joshua a welcome home birthday bash...the date TBA. We loved all the birthday wishes from everyone, especially Joshua! Thanks!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Happy Birthday to Joshua! And continued prayers for all of you. Hang in there, Nadene! What beautiful pictures of your family...