Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joshua's Update and Prayer Request-From his Mom

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Joshua Spirits Are Up & Prayer For 21 Days
Posted 20 hours ago
Joshua is doing so much better. His energy is through the roof and he is playing like his old self more and more everyday. We are so happy to see him smile and carry on like he used to. He's been able to keep us all on our toes like normal...but what is normal right? Who are we kidding he's about to drive us crazy like he always has. Just kidding. He's a joy to be around and he livens up any room with his presence. Everyday is an adventure with that kid...we never know what he's going to say or do that will make us fall down in the floor laughin' and rollin' around. We thank God everyday for our little blessing named Joshua.
Lord willing, we have 21 days to go for this cycle 4 of chemo. We pray that Joshua's lungs are clear for liver resegmentation or transplant. I've just been told by Dr. Gratias that they will scan Joshua this next Monday, May 11, 2009. Please pray that his liver tumor and the surrounding effected areas ESPECIALLY his lungs are clear enough to start planning for Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Joshua's progression has astounded us and even the doctors. We pray that Joshua will be a testament of God's healing grace and mercy.
We are in clinic right now getting admitted to the hospital for our 3 to 4 day inpatient chemo...so I will update more later. We love you and thanks for your continued prayer support and love.
Christ...The Cure All,

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