Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Mother's Day

Love your mother, love the mother's in your life. And love the fact that you are a mother. Getting pregnant and becoming a mother seemed a not brainer to me. You get pregnant, and 9 months later you bring home a bundle of joy, right? There are two Isaac's in Heaven, that say it's not the case. I want you to meet them both-
I have friends, old and new, that understand this more than I do, because they are walking in the shoes of loss. Something I have never had to do.
I am not writing this post so I can be dramatic or morbid. I want you to understand that this year, my eyes were open to a whole new world. A beautiful world where parents who are, or have experienced tramendous loss, are using it to glorify the Giver of Life. Lifting up the name of the Lord and drawing people to the throne. Honoring their loss, by honoring their God.
So this Mother's day, I praise the name of the Lord. I have two beautiful little girls, I have never lost a child. And we are whole. Not more deserving than any of these mother's I love, but so blessed. And yet, I would say, they feel as blessed as I do. If you get a chance to look at their stories, they all bless the Lord for the children they have lost.
If you lost a child in a the womb, lost a child from your arms, had to say good-bye at the same time you said hello, or you are sitting next to your children right now. Be blessed this mother's day. Death may have a sting right now, but it has no Victory. Forever you are a Mother. Happy Mother's day sounds so vague. So what I pray, is that if but for a moment, you are overwhelmed with a super-natural joy, and you are able to find comfort for a while. I will be thinking of you, rejoicing with you and praying for you.
You are loved.
and one more thing... visit with kayleigh, she is a miracle!


mesa said...

I love you! you are incredible and THANK YOU

Whitney said...

I only just saw this post today (thanks to my mother who asked me if I'd seen it). Thank you for including us in your Mother's Day and lifting us up in prayer.

Whitney Roberts
(Isaac's mom)