Thursday, May 28, 2009


Unexplained love we share, not from where we expect.
Something we cannot understand, impossible to neglect.
We love our moms for our whole life, but suddenly it not the same.
When we become a mom ourselves, it changes the whole game.
Different-we look at her, and understand her more.
And all the advice she once gave, we no longer ignore.
her love, her strength, her every move, was motivated for us.
There are few in our lives that earn this rich and powerful trust.
So on the day we find ourselves, standing where she stood.
We pray that all we say and do is inspired by her "good"
Her good love, her good words, her good days of just "being".
I look back and realize, all the good that I was seeing.
So as we sometimes cross a road and part along our journey.
A mother's heart forever lives, in the good you see in me.

I love you Mesa. Your mom did a good job....

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