Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thoughtful Thursdays....

I am sad I only had a few weeks to do Thoughtful Thursdays' before Kayleigh went to be with they Lord. I hope you did a few of these with me over the past few weeks. And I hope you will continue to do them. Visit with her family if you have not already today...

Life is great. I know that more than ever today. God is awesome, I know that every day! Anna just did a little dance and giggle for me and it was just the most precious thing. Elizabeth is playing with her cars..yes, her cars, she loves them! It's a beautiful day and I am full of joy, despite so many people in my life hurting...simply because I serve a living God who, through His Son Jesus, has given me hope and a home in Heaven.

Pray for these names today:
Leah (waiting news from doctor)
Joshua (fighting cancer)
Aimee and Adam (Kayleigh's mom and dad)
Jen (Marriage)
Carman (marriage)
Tammy (not me, but her marriage as well)

God is good...say it with me- ALL THE TIME.

Update On Joshua In The Hospital (from Joshua's Mom)
Posted 1 day ago
The last few days Joshua has been keeping a small fever and not feeling like himself. His play level has gone down to barely nothing. He says it hurts to breath. He's had such a hard time being put under anesthesia and coming out that I think really had him reeling and acting unlike himself maybe contributed to this illness. He has fever still, mouth sores, and his G-tube site shows a little infection. Last night they took some blood work for cultures and other blood tests too. They now have him on antibiotic for his infections and are getting a cream for his G-tube site.
We got a report from the doctor today that Joshua's tumors are smaller in both his liver and lungs. Everyone's prayers for Joshua have been paying off. Thank you, saints, and Rraises to the LORD!
We pray that we're not going to be in the hospital long, not just having Joshua well but that his birthday is this weekend. Please help us pray about that too.
As we have more information, we will let everyone know. Please keep those prayers going up to our heavenly Father, Jehovah Rapha. We love you and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene

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