Thursday, July 9, 2009

As I feel sorry for myself...

My best friend moved to another state today....and then I remembered my friend Nadene. And as much as I am sad about not seeing Gina any time I want, and having Mempis over to play with Elizabeth, my family is well. And I am blessed beyong belief. So as I feel sorry for myself, I will direct my attentions back to little Joshua, and ask you to remeber him this week. Update after photo: (I love you Gina)

July 8, 2009We're going to stay in Cincinnati until Sunday. Tomorrow Joshua is going in for a nuclear kidney test called a GFR. Then Thursday we will have an echocardiogram for his heart and maybe even a hearing audible test. The rest of the week we will be hopefully having fun taking in a couple of Cincinnati's sites as a outside the hospital's walls is something we haven't gotten to do a lot of in a very long while.Joshua's lung surgery is planned for July 16th, based on what we find out from his lung surgery, we will follow up with liver surgery on that following Thursday July 23rd. Both of these surgeries will just be cutting out the bad cancer. It is the plan to follow up these surgeries with 2 or more cycles of chemo. Please be in prayer that we continue to get great results about Joshua's prognosis as we know you have and will. We love you but God loves you more.~Nadene~ {JLF~Matt. 18:5}

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HugandRelease said...

I love you too! I'd prefer to see updates about Joshua as well. I can't wait to hear how everything goes. Please update quickly!