Friday, July 24, 2009

UPDATE on Joshua

Surgery is Over!!!!!!!
Posted 47 minutes ago
Hi this is Aunt Kim reporting for Nadene.
Message sent July 24,2009Joshua did great after being in surgery over 7 hours yesterday. This one is a new one on me but I was able to spend the night in Joshi's room in the PICU! It made me happy that I was able to watch over him through the night but sad that I couldn't hold my baby through the deep dark night-my only comfort was that God was holding the both of us through the night. By the way, Joshua is expected to stay another night in the PICU. It is possible if he has another great night, they can move him into a regular room tomorrow.
Yesterday's surgery was long and arduous for us all. The surgeon, Dr. Tiao, was able to remove all of Joshua's tumors in the liver except for one in his Right Vena Cava, which is a very important artery in the liver. It was necessary to leave that artery in place b/c 1-Dr. Tiao did not want to take a chance @ damaging the vessel b/c it was stuck to the walls of the artery very bad. 2-Dr. Tiao said if we removed that artery that the necessary chemo would be ineffective.
We love you,
The Freemans

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