Saturday, July 4, 2009

I need you to read something....sit down for 15 minutes

If you can't get to this today, then take the time some time soon. Read this post, then watch the video at the bottom, it is

You must read and watch this....


God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi Tammy! I knew the Lord had something waiting for me:D I noticed I had a new comment, scroll down and read your awesome words! Wow....honestly I was wondering if people we taking some time to read this post and watch the incredible skit. I found it and fel like I HAD to share it with the world because it blessed me so much! I really do hope that all my blogger friends as well as others who would stop by. God is using you to help me misnister to others through your post! THANK YOU soooo much:D Works really does work in mysterious ways huh? I am very happy you came accross my blog and I pray that we continue to stay connected through our blogs! You are a blessing my friend!!! I pray that many people are touched through what the Holy Spirit wanted me to share!!!

You sis in Christ,

mesa said...

love it Tammy- thanks for posting that!