Monday, July 20, 2009

Blog Hop-Recipe is Cool Whip icing

It's really all about the icing. Find your favorite chocolate cake recipe.
Icing: 8 oz cream cheese, cup of powder sugar, 1/2 cup gran. sugar, 16 oz cool whip
Mix cream cheese and sugars into a paste (cc needs to be room temp)
fold in, with mixer, the cool whip. (it will be slightly runny, but will set quickly)
mix in chopped- bag of andees mints and 6 plain hershey bars. (save about 1/2 cup of this to sprinkle on top and decorate) spread this icing in between a 2 layer cake and on top. It will be goopy, let it set in fridge over night.
You can mix this up by adding different ingredience and using different flavors of cake!
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KT said...

Looking forward to the recipe--that looks delicious! I am on a hunt for all the desserts!


Ave said...

Looks really yummy!

confused homemaker said...

Thanks for sharing, it looks yum-o!

Get Real Girl said...

This looks delicious! Stopping by from the blog hop!

Josie said...

Oh that looks SO yummy! I will really have to try that! Im your newest follower- come by and join me too!

a49erfangirl said...

Never heard of this. Have to keep this one in mind. Have a great night.

HugandRelease said...

Hey! Is that the mint candy I left you because we had to move! If it is I'm a little bitter because you didn't even offer to bring me a piece of cake! Mmmmmmmm! My "fav" mint!!!!!