Friday, July 24, 2009

My Day

So it's been an interesting day. First let me say that I serve an awesome God. And that if this post comes off as a "poor me" session, it is not meant to. It has just been a reflective day and I have had a little sadness. Missing a friend, dealing with "what to do" with another one that has hurt me, learning that Grace is good to give as much as it is to accept, and really aching to see my family. Especially today. No special reason, but it just came out of me in the toy aisle at Wally-World.
I am standing there trying to figure out a good gift for a friend's daughter, and I find myself staring at these two grandparents, having a blast with their grand kids. They are picking out all sorts of fun summer toys, giggling over their bounty and the grandparents have smiles from ear to ear. It came flooding, I stood there and started crying and an overwhelming feeling of "I miss my parents" came over me. E and A have never stood in a toy aisle and playfully picked out toys and gotten that "grandparents are such suckers but we love them" feeling. I will see my parents in just a few weeks, and I think I want them to just spoil my girls. I want to see her completely over stimulated and caught up in a moment of total "I am the grandparent and I can do what I want" moment with her grandparents. I can't wait to watch that.
I miss my family.

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Leah said...

Sorry to hear you are missing family. You are in my prayers, especially after our long talk in the car. Love you, and yes, we do serve an Awesome God!