Thursday, July 30, 2009

UPDATE on little Joshua

Joshua Is Getting Released TODAY!
Posted 3 hours ago
Joshua is doing so well today! He's up walkin'! From what I understand from his Aunt Kim, Joshua walked and played with her and Aunt Darlene last night! He hasn't walked since last Thursday before his surgery. This is a BIG step for our Little Man. I was so excited to hear that my baby is doing so well, as I'm sure y'all are too!
Today they are placing his Mic-Key button @ 1 PM because it came too late yesterday to place while he was getting de-accessed and his drain tube taken out. They should do an X-ray to determine placement of his Mic-Key button and then we will get his walkin' papers! :O) Yippie-skippie! :o)
Aunt Darlene left the Cincinnati Children's Hospital @ 10 AM to catch her flight at the Cincinnati Int'l Airport; however, we get to keep Aunt Kim for the duration of our stay here in Cincinnati. Please pray for Darlene's traveling mercies going back home today.
This Friday,July 31st, we have an appointment @ 10 AM with Dr. Geller in Hematology/Oncology. We don't plan to come home for a few more days; actually, this Sunday morning after church @ Grace Baptist Church-we plan to leave out from their Mission House. Please pray for our traveling mercies because Joshua's incisions will be uncomfortable to say the least.
We praise the Lord for what He's done in and through Joshua and we praise Him ahead of time for what He's going to do with Joshua! I believe with all my heart and soul that Joshi will be healed completely! Please keep spreading the word about praying for Joshua's healing, God never ceases to amaze us with His power and provision through the midst of this storm.
Please help pray for Tim and I because we need the Lord's wisdom and wing-we need his knowledge to make some BIG decisions tomorrow and we need His comfort for the hard news too. Thank you all for your continued support in any form or fashion but mainly in your prayers to our LORD Jesus! Don't forget that we love you but God loves you more!
Christ...The Cure All,Nadene
Joshua Lee Freeman~JLF~Jesus Loves FirstMatthew 18:5

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