Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Tell them Tuesday

don't forget to tell someone today...click on my Tell Them Icon and see my first post!

And don't forget preemie Kayleigh..have you read her story yet. You can click on Thoughtful Thursdays on the right to learn more. But these people need the body of Christ to help them. Basically, she was born 3 months, yes you heard me, 3 months premature and has lived in the hospital now for 8 months. Smallest baby to have open heart surgery! The family is losing their home, with all the bills that have come up, but they would never change a thing. They have seen their baby beat the odds! We can help them by going to www.Give4Kayleigh.blogspot.com
and finding out more!

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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi Tammy...still praying for sweet Joshua. I have been catching up on your updates here, and I continue to be inspired and encouraged by the beautiful faith of Joshua's mama, Nadene. What a heart! Please keep Jennifer in your prayers...I updated my last blog post with a new prayer request at the bottom...and I emailed it to you. Amazing!