Monday, March 23, 2009

My Praying Friends- UPDATED

Let me tell you, Joshua has some good results from his tumor marker test, AFP. We started out with it registering over 700,000 now it is down to 91,000. The lower this tumor marker goes the smaller the cancer growth is in Joshua's little body.
Dr. Gratias also tells me that Joshua is due for some more scans Thursday. I know that those CT Scans are going to show this tumor shrinking and dying away, unlike how God wants our oldman to fall away from the new man.
Dr. Gratias also tells me that during this 2nd Cycle that Joshua will be headed to meet Dr. Geller up at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. This means that we are ahead of schedule. We weren't due up there for another 2 Cycles. Amen, thank you Lord Jesus! God is definately at work 24/7 in this little boy's body and life! Well, we're leaving the children's hospital now. Please keep Joshua in your prayers everyday. I pray upon every rememberance of us in prayer that you will be blessed
They are headed back from Shands right now. It just happened that her grandfather was brought to Gainsville with a serious infection. So in God's great timing, she was able to visit with him as well today. She feels like she was heard by the doctors today. And they seem to be giving her a plan that she feels will produce some answers. Pray for her, they are all very tired and her oldest son has been fighting a fever for 2 days. We still need God's hand on this family.

I want you to think of these faces today. Pray for my friend Gina as they go to Shands today and try to figure out what is going on with their baby Sawyer. He has had some health issues for a long while now and we are praying for wisdom from the doctors to finally give some answer. Also pray for Cash. He is still so small and his mom is tired. Pray for her to get through this really scary stage and start getting quality sleep. She lost a son 5 years ago after having him for only 2 short weeks, so this little boy is an answer to prayer. So pray for sleep, health and strength for Little Cash.
And then last but not least, continue to pray for sweet little Joshua. He has a long fight ahead of him, but his parents and all of us serve a mighty God. Be in prayer today and thank you for standing with us in Faith.

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Praying for these families, Tammy...thank you...