Friday, March 20, 2009

Showin' the love (Thanks Becky)

So my friend Becky Bell gave me mad props on her blog ( ) and gave me a Kreativ Blogger reward! Now I get to share 7 things that I love and pass the blog award on to 7 other bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading! I do enjoy reading Becky's blog but thought since she was already awarded to award it to someone else. (and yes Becky, I used your words!)

1. I love duh!

2. Love working with the Good News Clubs..go down to my "All Roads Lead to Tammy" and you can see the CEF (child Evangelism Fellowship) link. This has my heart!

3. I love my family (these are not in any special order, so no, I don't love bloggin more than my family... lol) My hubby is wonderful (see to find out more about him!) And my girls are pure joy. Such a blessed mom to have them in my life.

4. I love scrapbooking. I do both creative and digital scrapbooking and have way to many books to prove it!

5. I love doing Thirty-One Gift Shows... If you haven't partied with me, you are missing out!

6. I love playdates...I love hanging out with other moms, getting to know them and their kids.

7. I love taking pictures and playing with them on Picasa...thanks Mesa!

Inspiring Blogs:

1. First person to ever get me going with blogs and who does an amazing job- Theresa and her Theresa and I know each other from Bible College and I love keeping in touch with her and her Golden Life.

2. A blog that literally changed my life, belongs to my new friend Stacy. (actually met her through Becky's blog) Her loss has brought about one of the most amazing stories of Faith and Hope that I know of.

3. My good friend Gina is a baby blogger, but doing really well at it. Her blog is nothing short of entertaining...

4. A blog of whom I have never met the author, yet I check as often as I do a close friend blog, belongs to the incredible Kayliegh. You must find out for yourself at

5. This blog I love to check for fun things and to keep up with a sweet little girl who has blessed a lot of people-

6. Another friend I love to watch is at She has a wonderful story of Grace in her life as well and I love all the details she has added.

7. Last but not least..and I could probably do 14 of these, is A new blog I am following, but she has the most precious pictures and I love to see them every day.

8. Okay, gotta do 8, because you see my friend Mesa, has the cutest little girl in the world and you must see her at
So there we go, I hope you pass it on and enjoy these people as much as I do!